One-Quest has a bunch of different ways to subscribe to us, so read on to see the different options and some steps on how to do it!

Written Content

If you’re just a fan of the written word, and want to follow One-Quest through your favorite RSS reader, than this is the section for you. Just follow the link below and it’ll get you all setup to subscribe to all the wonderful articles you’re interested in reading!


Now that we’re getting into the realm of podcasting we’re expanding the feed availability. Below you’ll find some descriptions on the different feeds along with links to subscribe to them individually or just through iTunes.

Subscribe through iTunes

If you’re user of iTunes, just follow the link below and allow it to open iTunes on your computer to automatically subscribe you to all of the One-Quest podcasts. If you’re wondering what shows that’ll have you downloading, check out our Podcast page for the details.

Other RSS Feeds

If you’re not interested in using iTunes, or want to just subscribe to a single show feed use the links below!

The Story So Far. . .
  • One-Quest was founded many millennia ago in a galaxy know as "n00b," by a foundation of Nerds. n00b was a small galaxy ruled by an evil empire, known as the "Hipstars." One-Quest formed with the sole purpose of removing the Hipstar empire from power, and restoring balance to all Nerds...
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