PodQuest 98 – Star Fox Zero, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, and TV

Chris and Walnut are back again this week, no one else could make it so we spend a couple hours talking about video games like Star Fox Zero, Bloodborne, and the fun to play Mirror’s Edge Catalyst beta. There was also some television and movies watched between us, including the return of Game of Thrones!


PodQuest 97 – Conventions, Concerts, and Nintendo

This week on PodQuest we celebrate our 2 year anniversary as Chris and Walnuts talk about upcoming concerts and conventions, whether Nintendo has made missteps along with all the nerdy news you could want. Intro and Outro music Mega Man 2 ‘Project X2 – Title Screen’ OC ReMix courtesy of Project X over at OCRemix


PodQuest 96 – Uncharted, Walking Dead, Star Wars

We sit down this week and talk about some cool things like Uncharted and The Walking Dead, there was also a really sweet trailer for Rogue One A Star Wars Story.


PodQuest 95 – Final Fantasy XV, The Walking Dead, and Miitomo

This week it’s just Chris and Walnut talking about all the Final Fantasy XV news, the finale of The Walking Dead, and some other cool stuff including Nintendo new mobile app Miitomo.


PodQuest 94 – Batman V Superman, Virtual Reality, and Walking Dead

This week on PodQuest we start out talking about movies we saw, games we played, Walking Dead we watched, and PSVR bundles we pre-ordered. Once all that is out of the way though we dive into Batman V Superman, what we liked and what we didn’t like and where we think the DC Cinematic Universe is going.


PodQuest 93 – D&D, Division, and Playstation VR

This week on PodQuest we chat a bit about Dungeons and Dragons, and the bad decisions some players make, how to Chris can not suck at The Division, and what we’re looking forward about Playstation VR. GDC also happened this week and we run over a few things we noticed from that. Also Comic books.


PodQuest 92 – The Division, Cloverfield, and All Things Marvel

We sidetrack a whole lot this week, but in the midst of that we also talk about The Division, Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane, Wonderful 101, and basically everything Marvel related including the amazing Captain America Civil War trailer and the debut of the MCU Spider-Man.


PodQuest 91 – Uncharted, Hitman, TV and Comics

This week we sit down to chat about some beta’s that happened, namely Hitman and Uncharted 4 Multiplayer. After that we ramble on about Broforce, Xenoblade, and then completely derail into TV and Comics until we hit all the exciting news, like the most recent Nintendo Direct, and as always there is plenty more!


Insert Topic – Why No Man’s Sky Is Exciting

Welcome to Insert Topic, where once a week I’ll spend some time talking about stuff. Topics will vary from what’s big in nerd culture to my experiences with trying games or movies or anything really that I’d written off as not my kind of thing. This week I’m talking about why No Man’s Sky is a game to be excited for.


PodQuest 90 – The Division, Fire Emblem Fates, Fuller House

We’re back after some time off with a wonderful episode full of stimulating discussions! Gather around and hear us talk about MAGFest 2016, Street Fighter V, VR, and more!

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