Metal Gear Solid V sexy box

Is open world right for Metal Gear?

Metal Gear is going open world, and this long time fan of the series is pretty skeptical of the outcome. Read on to find out why.

Box Art for The Order

The Order: 1886 Review

The Order: 1886 Developer Ready at Dawn Publisher Sony Platforms Playstation 4 Released: 2/20/2015(NA) Verdict: A definite purchase for anyone with a PS4 Recommended?: Yes Completed?: Yes PLOT: What is there to say about The Order that hasn’t been said already? Well, a lot actually in the story department. Without being too spoiler heavy (This IS a review, after all) The Order can best be summed up as alternate history where you are part of an order of knights sworn to protect the land and reports to no government, including the Queen of England herself. The secrecy of the order itself confused me as it’s never really clear exactly WHO knows they exist. Some civilians refer to them as Knights, which is their official title, but bestowed upon by whom? The order also seems to be in a hierarchy above local police as they regularly dole out orders for them. It’s a nagging thread of semantics that I hope gets resolved in the sequel. That and some early introductions are all that set you up for the adventure at hand and what plays out is part conspiracy theory and part “company” man who has trouble accepting that he has been misled. The actual story is a bit tropy and you will see some of the obvious twists coming but no less worth playing. The real gem of the story is the acting, by far. Between the excellent motion capture and voice work these characters seem as if they were based…


PodQuest 42 – Rogue Legacy, Comics, and Monster Hunter

We chat about some stuff this week including how Drootin beat Rogue Legacy, and how All-New Ultimates is just terrible. There’s also some news to go over and Walnuts still likes Monster Hunter.


‘Rasslin Report – WWE Fastlane Predictions!

Due to data constraints Shaun and I weren’t able to record a podcast this week, but with WWE Fastlane tonight I figured I’d post our predictions for the show at least! So here they are!


Friday Five – Favorite Bad Movies

There are some really great movies out there, people love them, critics love them, everyone just loves them. But there are also some really really bad movies, and while the audience for them may be small, a handful of people do love them. So this week we decided to spotlight those failed titles by listing our Favorite Bad Movies, which has a strong dose of Sylvester Stallone going on for some reason.


‘Rasslin Report #12 – 3 In A Row

It’s true, it’s true, it’s damn true! Shaun and I are back with another ‘Rasslin Report


PodQuest 41 – Monster Hunter, Game of Thrones, and Spider-Man

This was an interesting week, we recorded on Skype, news was light, but we still found plenty to talk about! From Walnut’s love to hunting monsters, to Drootin hating Harry Potter, we got something for everyone this week. There’s also Spider-Man in the MCU, Dying Light, Dragon Age, Kingsman, Walking Dead, and a bunch of other stuff covered.


Friday Five – Favorite Adorable Creatures

Last week we talked about our favorite monsters, so this week we’re going the other direction and talking about some adorable creatures!


PodQuest 40 – Rogue Legacy, DC Comics, and Club Nintendo

This week we have our big XL episode! That is, our 40th episode where we do the usual and talk about games and comics and junk. This episodes we spend a good deal of time talking about Rogue Legacy, a game you should definitely be playing, the stuff going on with DC comics, and games you can get from Club Nintendo before they go away. Plus as always plenty of nerdy news to keep you up to date on what’s happening.


[Live Blog] Walking Dead Season 5 Mid-Season Premiere

Welcome to the One-Quest Live Blog for the season 5 mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead! Keep up with what’s going on in what will certainly be an emotional episode.

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