PodQuest 117 – Bioshock, Comics, and New TV Season

We’re back in the same room this week as Chris and Walnut sit down and talk about how good Bioshock is, how awful comic books are especially all the events Marvel does, and whether the new season of television is off to a good start. All that and this weeks most interesting nerdy news stores!


PodQuest 116 – Batman, Magic, and Hulu

This week Chris and Walnut sit down and talk about Magic the Gathering, watching Hulu and just generally being a cord cutter, Batman: The Telltale Series – Episode Two – Children of Arkham, and a bunch of other great stuff.


PodQuest 115 – Playstation Pro, Game Delays, History

This week Chris and Drootin jump on Skype to talk about the Playstation 4 Pro, Final Fantasy, alternate history like Man in the High Castle, and plenty more.


PodQuest 114 – Mirrors Edge, TV, and Nintendo Direct

After another missed week, which is totally on Chris and he accepts that, PodQuest is back. This time around we’re talking about Mirror’s Edge, TV, Battlefield 1, the recent Nintendo Direct, and plenty more.


PodQuest 113 – No Man’s Sky, Titanfall2, News

We’re giving this episode another go! After mishaps recording last week, Walnuts and Chris sit down and talk about No Man’s Sky, the Titanfall 2 tech test, and some of the more interesting news from the last week including the Final Fantasy XV delay and the strange happenings that are Metal Gear Survive.


Quick Look: Titanfall 2

What’s this, 2 videos in 2 weeks!? I took the time to play and give you my first impressions of Titanfall 2, using their Tech Demo made available this weekend. This was a Pre-Alpha server stress test that EA will lock down tonight, and make it available again only next weekend. Please check out the video, and try the demo next weekend.


No Man’s Sky – First Look

Walnuts sat down and played some No Man’s Sky over the last week, and here are his first impressions of it! It’s also our first real video so let us know what you like and what you think we need to work on!


Review – Gal*Gun: Double Peace

Gal*Gun: Double Peace, a sequel to Inti Creates 2011 Gal*Gun is about as anime as anime can get, and if you look past the absurdity and put aside some preconceived notions you’ll find a fast paced and fun game.


PodQuest 112 – Telltale Batman, Suicide Squad, and No Man’s Sky

While we waited for No Man’s Sky to launch we figured may as well record this weeks PodQuest. Most of us had a chance to play Batman: The Telltale Series and see Suicide Squad. Aside from that Gal*Gun:Double Peace, Abzu, Tricky Towers, Overcooked, and board games are all discussed. Also we talk a bit about what we’re expecting from No Man’s Sky and the latest patch notes for 1.03.


Review – Batman: The Telltale Series – Episode One: Realm of Shadows

Batman: The Telltale Series – Episode One: Realm of Shadows is a great representation of what Batman is to the player, you mold your own Dark Knight and his alter ego Bruce Wayne.

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