That’s Not What Happened – 008 – Ultimate Avengers Pt 1

And we’re back with the newest episode of That’s Not What Happened! This month we’re discussing the fantastic series Ultimates vs the lack luster animated film adaption known as Ultimate Avengers. Just a little spoiler, this episode ends of a cliffhanger, so make sure to stop back next month for part 2!


Friday Five – Favorite Thanksgiving Sides

This is the week of Thanksgiving, as it was just yesterday. And while it may not be celebrated around the world, all of us at One-Quest happen to partake in the feasting and festivities.


PodQuest 30 – Smash Bros, Dragon Age, Spider-Verse, and more

It’s Thanksgiving week here in the US, and while everyone is preparing to over eat, we managed to squeeze in another episode for you all! As usually join us as we talk about the stuff we did this week, then delve into some of the more interesting bits of news about video games, comics, movies, and more!

survivor series 2014

‘Rasslin Report Survivor Series 2014 Predictions!

o, its been awhile since Shaun and I have recorded an episode of the ‘Rasslin Report because we’ve both been SUPER down on the state of the product right now. Hopefully we will get back into the swing of things this week and completely rant on how wrong we were with our predictions and everything else in the world of professional wrestling. But here’s our Survivor Series predictions to hold you over!


Friday Five – Favorite Technological Advancements

Recently we’ve had a object land on a comet, and some people made a hoverboard, and all kinds of other awesome technological advancements. So this week we’re doing Favorite Technological Advancements!


PodQuest 29 – Comic Books, Video Games, and Lucky Charms

Not a very exciting news week this week, so we spend extra time talking about what we did. We end up discussing comics, and what may end up being the final Destiny talk as Drootin declares he’s done, and Eric will be moving all his time over to Dragon Age after this week. And as usual we discuss what news there was, plus another email! Feel free to send us your thoughts to or comment on Facebook!


Friday Five – Things We Want To See Call of Duty Do

We missed last week’s Friday Five, but we had this topic waiting. A new Call of Duty recently released, and while it’s been getting some good reviews, we’re still interested to see the series go into some different directions. So this week we decided to list what those directions are!


PodQuest 28 – The Crew, Philly, Gone Home, and More

We’re back with episode 999,999 or for you traditionalist out there, 28. This week we sit down and talk about things like almost dying, playing games, some of our favorite podcasts to listen to, and all the nerdy news you love and more.


T.W.I.G. 11/9/2014

Well, look at this I’ve managed to remember to actually complete the TWIG 2 weeks in a row!!!! There’s been PLENTY of news to get caught up on so let’s jump right in!


PodQuest 27 – Episode 1,000,000

That’s right everybody after a bit of a delay, episode 1,000,000 of PodQuest is here for your listening enjoyment! Well episode 27 really, but still 1,000,000! As usually we sit around and talk about what we got to do this week, and then talk about all the wonderful and terrible nerdy news you all love so much. Destiny is unfortunately still a big topic, but along with that there were some crazy awesome Marvel Cinematic Universe reveals, some comic book junk, and a whole slew of gaming news to keep you occupied for a couple hours.

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