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PodQuest 20 – Final Fantasy, Smash Bros, Destiny, and This Week’s News!

It’s a trio of hosts this week as Eric, Chris, and Walnuts sit down and talk about what they’ve been playing and the week’s news stories. With the release of Destiny finally happening Eric and Richie dive into a lot of chatter about the highly anticipated game. Meanwhile Chris has just been playing older games like Final Fantasy X and Infamous Second Son. So come on in, get a drink and a snack and relax as we bring you the best nerd podcast on the net!


Friday Five – Favorite Pixar Movies

It’s Friday Five time! This week we’re listing our favorite Pixar movies!


PodQuest 19 – Harry Potter Time Travel, Ubisoft, Nintendo, and News

We’re back for another PodQuest! Eric is back this week, along with Drootin, Walnut, and Chris. It’s a long episode where we talk about things like Harry Potter way longer than we should followed by just all kinds of fun news from gaming, movies, and even a little comics. The audio is a little messy, but there’s a PSA before the show about that.


Friday Five – Favorite RPGs

This week for our Friday Five we’re going into the realm of Video Games so we can talk all about our Favorite RPG’s!


PodQuest 18 – Nintendo Debate & News, PS4 Problems, and More

It’s just Drootin, Walnut, and Chris this week, while Eric wasn’t feeling well. All kinds of news all over this jam packed episode. We have a ton of Nintendo stuff going on, from Mario Kart DLC, Smash Bros leaks, and a New 3DS. All that leads into a bit of a debate about the state of the Wii U and some of our problems with the PS4.

Baby Groot In Fridge

Chocolate Covered Baby Groot in Oreo Dirt

WE… Are… Groot.
So, we all felt that heartache when “I am Groot” became “We are Groot”. When poor, sweet groot became no more in order to save his new friends. But then, the emotional roller coaster had us back up with Rocket carrying around a re-growing baby Groot in a flower pot. Here’s a tasty way to have your own baby Groot!


‘Rasslin Report 7 – SummerSlam, WWE SuperCard, and more!

The ‘Rasslin Report is back with another thrilling episode! Okay, maybe thrilling isn’t a great word for it but too late, I said it. This week we recap our shockingly good SummerSlam predictions, discuss how they should continue on with Brock Lesnar’s character, and talk about how addicting WWE SuperCard is.

The simpsons logo

Friday Five – Favorite Simpson’s Episodes

It’s time for another Friday Five! This time it’s favorite Simpson’s Episodes! We work hard, we play hard!


That’s Not What Happened – Justice League Doom

On this month’s episode of That’s Not What Happened we talk about the DC animated film Justice League Doom, which is quite loosely based on the Tower of Babel storyline from JLA in 2000 written by Mark Waid.


T.W.I.G. 8/24/2014

It’s a little later in the day than normal, but its time once again for The Week In Gaming! Its been a very slow news week, so this is going to be MUCH shorter than last week’s edition.

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