PodQuest 311 – Marvel’s Empyre, Umbrella Academy, and Fall Guys

On this week’s episode of PodQuest we talk about the current Marvel Comics event Empyre, as well as DC’s Dark Nights Death Metal. After that we get into early impressions of Umbrella Academy Season 2, and everyone has checked out Fall Guys. We also talk about Spider-Man going exclusive to Playstation in Square Enix’s upcoming Marvel’s Avengers, Chris watched the poorly titled Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, Richie enjoyed the music comedy Galavant, and Mulan is going to Disney+ in September for an additional fee.

PodQuest 310 – G4 Returning, Halo Thoughts, and Movie Theaters

This week’s episode of PodQuest features us discussing the pending return of G4 to our televisions (or web browsers), some more thoughts on the Halo Infinite news and the rest of the series, and what’s going to happen to movie theaters in the near future. Plus we talk about Palm Springs on Hulu, Warrior Nun on Netflix, Fall Guys PC Beta, and more!

PodQuest 309 – Xbox Games Showcase, Review Scores, and Origami King

On this week’s PodQuest we discuss what Xbox had to show at their July Games Showcase, Metacritic has made some changes to user reviews which leads up into a discussion on review scores, and Walnut’s been playing Paper Mario The Origami King. Beyond that we talk about more disasters as Ubisoft, Nintendo’s Mini Direct, Power Rangers Turbo, and more.

PodQuest 308 – Power Ranges Relaunch, Ubisoft Forward, Curse of the Moon 2

On this week’s PodQuest we discuss Boom! Studio’s relaunching their Power Rangers comics, the disappointment that was Ubisoft Forward, and Chris started Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2. Beyond that we talk about Sony purchasing a stake in Epic Games, Netflix’s Raising Dion, Horizon Zero Dawn, Phoenix Wright, and other things as well!

PodQuest 307 – Internet Toxicity, Game Prices, and Last of Us 2 Spoilers

This week on PodQuest we start off with two pretty heavy stories relating to Internet toxicity around threats and harassment towards people making games. Specifically talking about how people are reacting to Laura Bailey and Neil Druckmann with disgusting and oftentimes violent messages about The Last of Us Part 2. After that we talk about the cancelation of EVO Online following several sexual misconduct allegation including against their now former CEO. After that, things get a little lighter with discussion including next gen game prices going up, Droo watching an anime, and we wrap things up with a spoiler discussion about The Last of Us Part 2.

PodQuest 306 – Avenue 5, Netflix News, and New TMNT

This week on PodQuest, after discussing food delivery and some other non-nerdy things we get into things like AMC Theaters delaying their opens, as well as some movies being delayed. Plus Avenue 5 on HBO, Netflix issues with the estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Seth Rogan producing a new animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, and a ton more.

PodQuest 305 – Marvel’s Avengers, Pokemon, and The Last of Us II

This week on PodQuest after discussing how certain Walking Dead characters are also Dragon Ball Z characters, we talk about the new information about Crystal Dyanmics’ Marvel’s Avengers game, get another Pokemon update as well as our final thoughts on Isle of Armor, and a broad non-spoiler talk about the early parts of The Last of Us Part II. We also talk about Netflix’s Floor is Lava game show, Droo’s thoughts on Final Fantasy VII remake, the special one week only return of The Walking Dead to comic shops, and plenty more!

PodQuest 304 – Spider-Man, Pokemon, and Back Logs

It’s a big PodQuest this week with things like Spider-Man Miles Morales opening the show, following by all that Pokemon news plus the Isle of Armor DLC, and we also unexpectedly discuss back logs and our approach to them. We’ve also got topics covering Resident Evil III, Kingdom Hearts, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Star Wars Squadrons, Final Fantasy VII, My Hero Academia, Bates Motel, and The Big Bang Theory. So we basically have something for everyone this week.

PodQuest 303 – Sony PS5 Stream, Destiny 2 Updates, and Batwoman

This week on PodQuest we discuss the news coming out of Sony’s PS5 event on June 11th, we also run down the updates coming to Destiny 2 over the next few years, and CW has released new information on the direction Batwoman will be taking next season. Plus Chris finished up Xenoblade Chronicles 2 finally, Drootin started a little Command & Conquer with the new remaster, and Walnut and Chris both finished watching Fuller House. Plus as always, plenty more!

PodQuest 302 – Pokemon, Space Force, and HBO Max viewings

This week on PodQuest we open up briefly with a bit of current events as we discuss the protests, riots, and different ways media companies are adding their voices as well as some of our own feelings on the topic. Tune into next week’s Brosé with Walnuts on your favorite Podcast platform to hear more of his thoughts on the state of things. After that heaviness we transition to talk about Cities Skylines, the upcoming Pokemon DLC and the new form of Slowbro, plus Space Force on Netflix, our first impressions of HBO Max, last years film Ready or Not and plenty more!

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