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PodQuest 14 – Metal Gear, EA Delays, Destiny Beta, and SDCC 2014

On this week’s PodQuest we have plenty to chat about. We talk EA’s delaying of Battlefield Hardline and Dragon Age Inquisition, more Destiny Beta, and some of the more exciting news out of San Diego Comic Con 2014! Of course as usual we get side tracked and deal with some unexpected events and talk about how much we don’t like yard work, unless your yard is all mint, then it’s pretty sweet.


‘Rasslin Report #5 – Battleground Recap and Randomness

This week’s ‘Rasslin Report is totally off the rails. We started recording later than normal so it’s a bit of a shorter episode, but that’s okay because there wasn’t really much to talk about. We recap our predictably awful Battleground predictions and talk about Paul Heyman’s promo from Raw and other pure randomness.


Friday Five – Most Frustrating Video Game Enemies

It’s Friday Five time! This week we’re looking at the most frustrating video game enemies! Quite a list to pick from…

batman 75th anniversary

Batman’s 75th Anniversary at Fat Jack’s Comicrypt

Batman Day is tomorrow! And we’re celebrating at one of our favorite local comic shops, Fat Jack’s Comicrypt in Oakyln, NJ! Details inside!

Destiny Logo

Destiny Beta Impressions

After an extensive amount of time with the Destiny Beta, I’m still a little confused about the direction of the game. I had a ton of fun, but have a few concerns I would like addressed.


PodQuest 013 – Destiny Beta, Marvel Now Changes, and More

After a few Snafu’s last week, which we talk about first, we get into a long talk about the recently launched (on Playstation) Destiny Beta. That’s prime chunk of this week’s episode, but we still get some movie and comic book talk in by discussing the Avengers Now changes Marvel is doing, and how they may effect the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also a little discussion on how people are dumb for hating that Falcon slept with that girl who aged quickly.


T.W.I.G. 7/20/2014

Hello again everyone, it’s time for everyone’s favorite (or at least my favorite because I write it) weekly post here on One-Quest, The Week In Gaming!


Friday Five – Favorite Cancelled Sitcoms

Welcome to the Friday Five! Each week we help you get to know our writers with the help of a top 5 list! This weeks category: Favorite Cancelled Sitcoms.

Comedy’s on TV are one of my favorite things to watch. Laughing along for 22 minutes is just a good time, and doesn’t usually require much of a commitment. We have some great shows still airing right now like Parks & Rec, Modern Family, and thankfully Community (even if it’s on Yahoo). Unfortunately for all the good shows we have now, there are plenty of great ones that have already ended. Some got to run out their series others ended to soon. So this week we’re going to talk about our Favorite Cancelled Sitcoms.


‘Rasslin Report #4 – Woooo Burp

This week on the ‘Rasslin Report #ShaunAppleton and I (Drootin) give our WWE Battleground PPV predicitons, debate the future for Cesaro, and answer some questions from the internet!


PodQuest 000 Special – Meta Material, Spider-Man, & Video Games

We’ve got a special episode for everyone today! Due to busy schedules and power outages we weren’t able to record episode 13 as we originally planned it. But lucky for all you wonderful people we’ve got our beta episode with Eric, Drootin, and myself (Chris) testing out using Skype and our other recording equipment a few weeks before we did Episode 1 at SJ GeekFest.

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