PodQuest 47 – Walking Dead, Fast & Furious, Game Delays

As promised this week we’ve got a special guest, and of course plenty to talk about. Hell Diver, Final Fantasy, Zelda, Order 1886, comics, movies, and so much more! And watch out for the point where Eric turns off his mic and forgets to turn it back on for a while. Unfortunately a lot of his responses were cut, but that’s no big deal.


‘Rasslin Report #13 – WrestleMania 31 Preview!

The ‘Rasslin Report is back just in time to talk about all things WRESTLEMANIA!!!!!!!

Daft Punk in Tron Legacy attire.

Friday Five – Favorite Movie Soundtracks

It’s time for the Friday Five! We’re talking about Movie Soundtracks this week! Be sure to check it out!


PodQuest 46 – Breaking Bad, Comics, and Kojima

This week Chris, Eric, and Walnut talk about how good Breaking Bad and Community are, the ridiculousness that is Marvel and DC comics this summer, what’s happening with Kojima, and a load of other fun things.


Friday Five – Favorite Tabletop Games

Most people love a good board game, card game, or tabletop RPG, so we figured we’d list our favorite this week!

Tales From The Borderlands -Episode 2 -Atlas Mugged

Review – Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 2 – Atlas Mugged

More ridiculous situations. More jokes. More Handsome Jack! Could this be the best Episode of Tales From the Borderlands yet? Check out or review of Atlas Mugged!


PodQuest 45 – Pokemon Shuffle, Game Credits, System Suspend

In these week’s episode we talk about video games, and a lot of cool TV and movie news. Also Eric, Drootin, and Richie get into an argument over system suspend, and Pokemon Shuffle is really fun.


Friday Five – Favorite Aliens

This week we’re talking all about our Favorite Aliens. There’s a lot of Doctor Who stuff going on here, but we go for some slightly more unique picks as well. Check them out, and make sure to let us know your favorites too!


PodQuest 44 – Valiant Hearts, Cell Phones, and Avengers

On episode 44 of PodQuest we talk about some games, like Last of Us: Left Behind, Valiant Hearts, Final Fantasy XIV, and a bunch more. We also talk about the new Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Some GDC & PAX stuff we were in attendance for, and then the usual fun times.

International TableTop Day

International TableTop Day 2015 Date Announced

The date of the 3rd annual International TableTop Day has been announced! I’ve missed the past couple years, but I don’t plan on missing it any more!

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