PodQuest 78 – Jessica Jones, Fallout, and Backwards Compatibility

This week’s PodQuest basically revolves around Jessica Jones and Fallout 4. So you know it’s a pretty good week! We also have some pretty deep conversations on MMO loot tables and backwards comparability in video games.


PodQuest 77 – Fallout 4, Online Gaming, Black Friday

Fallout 4 came out, so we talk about that a lot. There’s also the upcoming Black Friday deals, and of course that Nintendo Direct.


PodQuest 76 – Fallout 4, Magika, Things

Shorter episode this week as the guys jump on Skype to talk about the upcoming Fallout 4 release, Magika and some other fun stuff.


PodQuest 75 – Battlefront, Assassin’s Creed, Halo

Eric is back and with him we talk about a bunch of stuff he’s missed out on, like the Battlefront Beta. We follow that up with a lot of talk about games we love to hate such as Assassin’s Creed and Halo. And things wrap up with a wonderful email.


PodQuest 74 – Comic Books, TV, and Attack on Titan Part 2

This week on PodQuest it’s just Chris and Walnut so we talk about comic books and TV for the majority of the episode. Walnut also went to see part 2 of Attack on Titan live action. Of course we still round everything out with some of the more interesting news from the week.


PodQuest 73 – Flash, Rock Band, and Harry Potter

Bit light on interesting news this week, games are coming out which is exciting, but not many new announcements right now. On the bright side we had plenty of other things to talk about like this weeks amazing episode of Flash, and some other shows too. Plus we got our hands on Rock Band 4, and Chris watched a LOT of Harry Potter.


PodQuest 72 – NYCC, Battlefront, and Attack On Titan

This week we talk about New York Comic Con 2015, the Star Wars Battlefront beta, Live Action Attack on Titan (part 1), and of course the usual Metal Gear, Mario Maker, and Destiny chit chat. Followed up by some of the most interesting news we could find in nerdom!


PodQuest 71 – Super Mario Maker, Uncharted, and Google

On this week’s show we open up to talk a bit about this weekend’s New York Comic Con then we get into some video game talk with Destiny, Super Mario Maker, Uncharted, and more. Oh and let us not forget all the new TV going on. This little company Google also announced some pretty new devices we’re interested in.


PodQuest 70 – New Shows, Union Strikes, and Games Too

The Pope was in Philly this week so rather than chance the traffic we did this episode on Skype. A great time was had by all as we talked about more Metal Gear, Hearthstone, and Destiny, along with some of the new shows that started up and the potential voice actor strike that may be happening.


PodQuest 69 – Metal Gear, Destiny, & Rambling

It’s just Chris and Walnut on this week’s PodQuest. The other guys all couldn’t make it, but they do a swell job holding down the fort! Listen in as they talk about Desinty, Metal Gear, and a bunch of news stuff too!

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