PodQuest 219 – Blizzcon, Smash Bros Ultimate, and Rick Grimes

This week on PodQuest we talk about announcements from Blizzcon 2018, the final Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Direct, Rick Grimes final Walking Dead episode and what that means. Then we talk about Yakuza Kiwami, Power Rangers, and plenty more.

PodQuest 218 – Playstation Classic Lineup, Smash Bros Ultimate, Resident Evil 4

This week Drootin returns to talk with Chris and Walnut about the Playstation Classic lineup, a final Super Smash Bros Ultimate direct, and Resident Evil 4 is coming to Switch. That plus we talk Red Dead Redemption, Boba Fett, Asterisk War, Daredevil and a whole lot more!

PodQuest 217 – Haunting of Hill House, Days Gone Delayed, and Luke Cage

This week on PodQuest we discuss Luke Cage being canceled, Days Gone being delayed again, Netflix original The Haunting of Hill House. All that plus more like Pirates of the Caribbean potentially rebooting, Wonder Woman 1984 getting pushed back to 2020, and puddles returning to Spider-Man PS4.

PodQuest 216 – PSN Names, Game Prices, and Google Project Stream

This week Chris and Walnut sit down to talk about the finally announced PSN name changes, the price of games, particularly Switch ports, and Chris has gotten to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on Google’s Project Stream. We also talk about The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix, My Hero Academia’s Season 3 Finale, Bleach, Red Dead Redemption 2 staff working 100 hour weeks, Iron Fist being canceled, Pokemon Go, The Walking Dead ratings drop, and a brief spoiler free talk about the Arrowverse premieres so far.

PodQuest 215 – NYCC 2018, Iron Fist, and James Gunn on Suicide Squad 2

On this week’s episode of PodQuest we talk about New York Comic Con 2018, Iron Fist season 2, James Gunn writing Suicide Squad 2, plus Sony PSN name changes are incoming, Walking Dead is not good anymore, Venom wasn’t as bad as reviews make it out to be, and a whole lot more.

PodQuest 214 – Baltimore Comic Con 2018, Harry Potter, and X-Men

This week on PodQuest Chris and Walnut discuss the leaked Harry Potter game footage, the X-Men Dark Phoenix delay, Black Mirror exploring choose your own adventure storytelling and a lot more. Plus Chris talks about his favorite convention of the year, Baltimore Comic Con.

PodQuest 213 – Telltale, PlayStation Classic, and Mystery Pokemon

This week on PodQuest we discuss the sad news involving Telltale layoffs, cancelations, and most likely fully studio closure coming soon. On the brighter side a mystery Pokemon was released in Pokemon GO, Sony announced a PlayStation Classic, though it’s a bit pricey, and My Hero Academia Two Heroes is now showing in US theaters and it’s a good time. That plus plenty more!

PodQuest Interview – James Maddox

On this episode of PodQuest Interviews comic book creator James Maddox comes on to chat about his currently running kickstarter for Dead Legends – A Martial Arts Graphic Novel. He breaks down the concept of the book, how he and friend / artist Gavin Smith came up with the idea. We also get into how great the comic community can be, how working with friends is the best way to work, and plenty more.

PodQuest 212 – Keystone Comic Con, Captain Marvel Trailer, and Nintendo Direct

This week Chris attended Keystone Comic Con in Philadelphia, Marvel dropped the first trailer for Captain Marvel, and Nintendo had their most recent Direct with a few cool announcements. Plus Chris and Walnut have been getting back through Luke Cage season 2, the Bleach live action movie is apparently pretty cool, and there are some new comics on the horizon this winter.

PodQuest 211 – Nintendo Online, Henry Cavill, and Spider-Man

This week on PodQuest Chris and Walnut sit down and discuss the lack of cloud saves for certain Switch games in the upcoming Nintendo Online service, the potential exit of Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCEU, and Chris has been playing Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4. All that and we discuss some events coming to Pokemon GO, Polygon getting rid of review scores, and Superior Spider-Man is returning this December.

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