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Friday Five – Superhero Movies We Want To See

With Warner Brothers and DC announcing their full slate of movies, and all the speculating going on for what Marvel is brewing it’s only natural to wonder if your favorite hero will be seeing any screen time. So this week we decided to list all the superhero films we’d like to see made. Some are probably more likely than others, but after the success of Guardians of the Galaxy it would be dumb for any studio to count anyone out.


PodQuest 24 – Ubisoft, Smash Bros, Fantasy Football, Anime, and more Destiny!

Eric and Cobb were up at New York Comic Con this weekend so that left Drootin and Richie to talk about this week’s happening in games, tv, movies, comics, and FOOTBALL!? Yes football, well fantasy football, but yes sports on PodQuest!


T.W.I.G. 10/12/2014

AND ITS OFFICIALLY BACK!!!! It’s The Week In Gaming here on One-Quest! As I said before there’s been a multitude of reasons that it’s been away but I’m getting back into the swing of things starting this week. So with all that said let’s get to it!


Friday Five – Favorite Fictional Nerds

Let’s face it, we are all nerds(otherwise we wouldn’t be here), so picking our top 5 Favorite Fictional NerdsĀ is like letting everyone know who we associate our personalities with the most. So lets see what everyone thinks of themselves! Let us know your favorites in the comments below!


T.W.I.G. will return this weekend!

So, You’ve all probably been wondering where the T.W.I.G. has gone, at least I hope you have been wondering that, so I’m here to tell you what’s happened.


PodQuest 23 – Mordor, PS Plus, SHIELD and Gotham, and Plenty of News

It’s time for another all new, all fun, PodQuest, everyone’s favorite podcast! Well it’s at least our favorite podcast. . . well it’s a podcast we all like. That’s beside the point, this week it’s Eric, Walnut, and Chris again, Drootin was supposed to be there but forgot like a bit of a punk. We cover all the news you’ve come to expect from around the nerd world. Shadow of Morder, the new PS Plus releases, and last week’s new episodes of Agents of SHIELD and Gotham are some of the biggest topics, and because Eric is obsessed, we still had a little Destiny chat as well.


Friday Five – Favorite Sword Wielding Characters

This week on the Friday Five we decided on picking our Favorite Sword Wielding Characters. Plenty of video game picks here, but some interesting ones from tv, movies, anime, and books too! So check it out and let us know your top five in the comments!


PodQuest 22 – Zelda, Titan, Gotham, S.H.I.E.L.D, and News

Hyrule Warriors came out so we discuss some Zelda stuff, Titan is cancelled over at Blizzard, Destiny is still a thing I guess. Oh and there’s a ton of stuff to talk about with Shield and Gotham! Those are just a few of the things we go over this week on PodQuest as Eric, Walnut, and Chris discuss.


That’s Not What Happened – Flashpoint Paradox

It’s been a month already, actually it’s a little over a month because I screwed up. But either way it’s time for another installment of That’s Not What Happened! This month we’re doing Flashpoint Paradox which is based on the comic that forever changed the DC Universe (or at least changed it until they reboot everything again), Flashpoint. As with the previous episode Rob and I are going to be discussing the differences, similarities and just whatever we liked about the books and movie. As always it’s highly recommended you read, watch or both things before listening otherwise beware the spoilers.


‘Rasslin Report #8

So after a few weeks away because of various circumstances Drootin and #ShaunAppleton are back with a new ‘Rasslin Report! We talked about how disappointed we’ve been with the product lately, give no answers on how to fix it, our excitement for things in NXT, conspiracy theories, and sports!

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