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Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture – Review

While light on interaction, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is heavy in drama and mystery, and a wonderful game for fans of either.


PodQuest 66 – Fallout Shelter, Final Fantasy, and Rapture

This week everyone played Fallout Shelter now that is available on Android. There is also some talk about Final Fantasy, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, and some of the more interesting news items of the week.


PodQuest 65 – Fantastic Four, Gamescom, and Destiny News

It’s time for another all new episode of PodQuest. This week we discuss the newest addition to the Fantastic Four film franchise, and where it lost it’s way. There’s also a bunch of Gamescom stuff, and for once some interesting Destiny news. We also played some games like Rocket League, and read some comics like Spider-Verse.


Awesome Squre Enix PSN Sale

Do you love Final Fantasy? How about Chrono Trigger? Well good news you can get them on PSN to play on your PS3, PSP, or PSVITA right most for just $4.99. Some of the most beloved games in history are here for the picking. And there are a few you probably never even got to play.


PodQuest 64 – Journey, Angry Birds, and Comics

This week on PodQuest, Chris played Journey for the first time ever, Walnuts played some Wonderful 101, and Eric got drastically caught up on comics while falling down the Angry Birds hole in the process. There’s plenty of other great stuff to talk about too, including movies and more games!


ZombiU coming to Next Gen as “Zombi”

ZombiU, the WiiU survival-horror exclusive title, is making the jump from exclusive to third-party cross-platform, cross-generation, title. Now known as Zombi, you can expect to get your hands on this unique take on the zombie apocalypse set in London on August 18th.


PodQuest 63 – MMO Crafting, Rocket League, and more

We’re back again with a lot of talk about crafting in video games, and Drootin and Chris are really enjoying Rocket League. Some other games and comics were discussed too, but come on, crafting! Also Walnut has a little bit of a meltdown.


PodQuest 62 – Survival Horror, PS Vita, Ant-Man

Another jam packed full of nerdy goodness episode of PodQuest is here for you! This week we talk about some great stuff like Witcher III: Wild Hunt, Knights of Sidonia, and Ant-Man. We side track plenty and talk about things like Survival Horror games and the Playstation Vita, and we’ve got another listener email!


PodQuest 61 – Online Marriage, Destinty Rant, and Video Games

This week was a busy one for PodQuest, we talked about games, and movies, and Walnut got married. . . In Final Fantasy XIV anyway. Also Drootin and Eric saw Magic Mike XXL and loved it. Otherwise there were some games played like Witcher III, Drive Club, and South Park the Stick of Truth. Oh and there’s quite the rant by Eric about Destiny player.

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Review – Verdun

How does World War I stack up as a setting in the multi-player First Person Shooter realm? Find out what we think as we review Verdun for PC!

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