PodQuest 327 – Star Wars Squadrons, Marvel’s Avengers Lost Money, and Blood of Zeus

This week on PodQuest we sit down and talk about our impressions of Star Wars Squadrons, that Square Enix hasn’t recouped the cost for Marvel’s Avengers, and Richie checked out Blood of Zeus on Netflix. We also discuss IO Interactive working on a new James Bond game, Sony looking at options to compete with Xbox Game Pass, and plenty more.

PodQuest 326 – Playstation 5 Impressions, The Game Award Nominees, and The New Mutants

This week on PodQuest we’re fully into the new generation of video games! Drootin and Walnut have their PS5s to tell us about, and Chris has some more impressions after more time with the Xbox Series X. We also talk about this years Game Award nominees, and The New Mutants hit VOD and Chris checked it out. We also talk about Yakuza, Mandalorian, DC Comics, Wonder Woman 1984, Monster Hunter, and Weekly Kaiju returns with Ghidorah the Three Headed Monster. It’s a big episode!

PodQuest 325 – Xbox Series X Impressions, Yakuza Like a Dragon, and Mass Effect Remaster

The new generation is upon us! This week on PodQuest we talk a little about the state of US politics before getting into the nitty gritty with the Xbox Series X, usable storage on both new consoles, and impressions of Tetris Effect Connect and Yakuza Like a Dragon! We also talk about the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Spider-Man save games and other fun bits too!

PodQuest 323 – Playstation News, Cyberpunk Delayed, and Pokemon Crown Tundra

This week on PodQuest we’re getting down to the wire as the new generation of consoles are officially in the hands of media and streamers. And Sony already started sending out the accessories, so our very own Walnut has his headset and charging dock to talk about. Beyond the PS5 though we talk about Cyberpunk 2077 getting delayed again, Pokemon Crown Tundra DLC impressions, games on the Xbox Series X|S, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. And of course Walnuts weekly Kaiju update, this week being King Kong vs Godzilla.

PodQuest 315 – Troubled Game Mechanics, Bill & Ted, and Avengers Battle Pass

This week on PodQuest we open the show with a discussion on troublesome game mechanics like encumbrance and weapon degradation. After that we talk on the unexpected and devastating death of actor Chadwick Boseman to cancer. Then with no good way to segue we talk Bill and Ted Face the Music, Richie’s impression of Marvel’s Avengers along with the games announced “Battle Pass” plans, Drootin played some Gridiron, and Chris has been making his way through Ori and the Blind Forest on Switch. We also talk about Legend of Korea, Class Action Park, Justice League, and Monster Hunter among other things.

PodQuest 314 – DC FanDOME, Paper Mario Origami King, and Nintendo Directs

This week’s episode of PodQuest is full of exciting information from last weekends DC FanDome including thoughts on the game trailers for Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League as well as thoughts on the first teaser for The Batman. We also discuss the last few weeks of Nintendo Directs, Walnut finished up Paper Mario Origami King, and Chris watched Sword Art Online II

PodQuest 313 – Pathfinder Kingmaker, DC News, and Agents of SHIELD Finale

On this week’s PodQuest Droo and Richie talk about Pathfinder Kingmaker Definitive Edition on PS4, DC Comics canceled a slew of books, and DC Universe originals are heading to HBO Max in the future. It’s also the end of an MCU related era as Agents of SHIELD ended its 7 season run. We also talk more about the Avengers beta, Tony Hawk demo, Summer Games Done Quick, Ring Fit Adventure, and plenty more!

PodQuest 312 – Halo Infinite Delayed, Avengers Beta, and DC Layoffs

This week on PodQuest we discuss the unexpected delay of Halo Infinite, some thoughts on the first beta weekend for Marvel’s Avengers, and DC Comics (as well as Universe and other WB branches) suffered staggering layoffs this week. On top of all that, we also talk Xcloud on iOS App Store, Rocksteady’s new game, the dramatic reboot of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Walnut has trouble wrapping his head around Back To The Future time travel logic.

PodQuest 311 – Marvel’s Empyre, Umbrella Academy, and Fall Guys

On this week’s episode of PodQuest we talk about the current Marvel Comics event Empyre, as well as DC’s Dark Nights Death Metal. After that we get into early impressions of Umbrella Academy Season 2, and everyone has checked out Fall Guys. We also talk about Spider-Man going exclusive to Playstation in Square Enix’s upcoming Marvel’s Avengers, Chris watched the poorly titled Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, Richie enjoyed the music comedy Galavant, and Mulan is going to Disney+ in September for an additional fee.

PodQuest 310 – G4 Returning, Halo Thoughts, and Movie Theaters

This week’s episode of PodQuest features us discussing the pending return of G4 to our televisions (or web browsers), some more thoughts on the Halo Infinite news and the rest of the series, and what’s going to happen to movie theaters in the near future. Plus we talk about Palm Springs on Hulu, Warrior Nun on Netflix, Fall Guys PC Beta, and more!

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