What is One-Quest? Who’s behind it? What can you hope to get out of it? those are all fair questions that no one will ever wonder, but if you keep reading you’re probably going to find out anyway!

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What is One-Quest?

Well I thought that was obvious, we’re a website.

If you meant what kind of website, or what do we do, well you probably should have said that!

I’ll answer it anyway, we’re a Nerd Blog. Assuming the first thing you did when you arrived at the site was click on about you probably missed all the video games, comic book, movie, and other geeky things on the front page. On a day to day basis we post news, and articles about things we find interesting. Maybe a new trailer for a game, maybe a long winded write up about why culture is to harsh on violence in entertainment. We try to cover all the bases and have a pretty devoted team working here.

That’s just the usual stuff though we do a ton of other things too like our Webcomics which you should probably go check out instead of reading all this they’re way more interesting.

We’re also in the game development business, and by that I mean we’re working on some fun games that we hope to release for Android and iOS some time soon.

Then there is the multimedia stuff. If you don’t feel like reading or you just don’t have the time to sit on your computer for extended periods of time then have we got a surprise for you. Coming soon to the TGS section will be Video and Podcasts! Now no matter the situation you’ll be able to keep up with One-Quest.

How’s that for an answer? NEXT!

How did you guys come up with this?

Well most of us have been friends since elementary school and high school. With a few stragglers joining later. Anyway we always tried to get sites like this started and usually failed. Finally after years of failure and heartbreak Eric brought it up once again and spelled out his ideas for the worlds greatest website! Unfortunately this is all we could really come up with. But it’s something right? For the most part the idea for One-Quest evolved from Eric and Shahid’s desire to develop games along with Eric’s desire to create Webcomics. Eric told the rest of us and the idea started to become a reality.

After a lot of talk Eric and Chris began to design the site and after a few weeks of Photoshop and code the first iteration of One-Quest was born, and it looked terrible! But it served it’s purpose we were able to put up the stuff we wanted to, in a way we wanted to. After several months of posting all kinds of fun content we finally had a real design thanks to a friend who’s name you’ll find in the footer. A few weeks after that we went live with our all new layout and we’ve been running full steam ahead ever since.

So you’re a blog, that’s cool I guess but why come here when I can get my information everywhere else?

Come here because I f’ing say so god dammit! No but really you can go where ever you want. If you think our information is dumb or our opinions are wrong than go somewhere else. But know that you are wrong and your opinions are flawed.

Seriously though we don’t want One-Quest to be just another site you stop by in your daily cycle we want it to be the site you go to throughout the day for all kinds of stuff. Our posts aren’t just “Oh hey look this thing happened here’s a video” We try to keep it interesting and let our own personalities and opinions come through in the writing. If you want some industry veteran to explain to you all the features of the newest CoD then yea you should probably be reading IGN or Gamespot, I know I do. But if you want your peers who have no real stake in any of this to tell you what they think and hopefully help you make a better decision in your game, movie, and comic book purchases.

Plus didn’t you read the first question? We’ve got Games, Webcomics, Podcasts, and Videos on top of all the written word stuff. It’s so worth coming here it’s not even funny!

Alright, I get it the site is worth reading, but who’s doing all the work?

We’re a pretty small team here at One-Quest so without further babbling here is our staff.

Current Staff

Chris – Co-founder, Host, Editor – Follow him on Twitter @Just_Cobb
Richie – Co-Host, Editor, DM – Follow him on Twitter @B_Walnuts
Drootin – Co-Host, Editor – Follow him on Twitter @IAmDroot

Occasional Contributors

Eric – Co-Founder, Host, Editor – Follow him on Twitter @EricSweeten

Former Staff and Contributors

Anthony – Co-Host, Editor
Shahid – Editor
Erica – Co-Host, Editor
Audra – Editor
Shannon – Co-Host, Editor
Vogel – Co-Host, Editor
Pisko – Co-Host, Editor

And lastly you can follow the site on Twitter @One_Quest or on Facebook at OneQuestOnline

So that’s all we’ve got for now, if you have any other question or something else let us through Twitter or with our Contact Page

The Story So Far. . .
  • One-Quest was founded many millennia ago in a galaxy know as "n00b," by a foundation of Nerds. n00b was a small galaxy ruled by an evil empire, known as the "Hipstars." One-Quest formed with the sole purpose of removing the Hipstar empire from power, and restoring balance to all Nerds...
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