PodQuest 287 – Sonic Movie, Mighty Ducks, and Spider-Man

This week on PodQuest we break in our new mixer talking about the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, discuss what the new Mighty Ducks series could be, Walnut started playing Spider-Man on PS4, plus E3, HQ, comics, Locke & Key and more! Email – Social@one-quest.com Support Us – Patreon.com/OneQuest Intro and Outro music Mega Man 2 ‘Project X2 – Title Screen’ OC ReMix courtesy of Project X over at OCRemix *Direct Download*

PodQuest 286 – Locke and Key, Anthem, and Aliens

This week we jump into some conversations about the new Netflix series Locke and Key, Bioware’s plans for Anthem, and the possibilities of Aliens. We’ve also got new Dragon Ball Fighterz characters, Speedrunning, and more! There was a little hiccup at near the end of the episode where our mixer died, so the audio may sound a bit rough.

PodQuest 285 – Wonderful 101, Fast 9, and Death Note

It’s a quicker episode this week as we talk about the Wonderful 101 Kickstarter, the bonkers Fast 9 trailer, the newest Death Note one-shot, plus God of War, Jay and Silent Bob, McDonald’s scams, and a plenty more!

PodQuest 284 – Arrow Finale, Pokemon Home, and Zombieland Double Tap

This week on PodQuest we close out the show with our thoughts on the series finale of Arrow, as well as thoughts on some of the other Arrowverse shows and its future. Before any of that though, we talk Pokemon Home, Zombieland Double Tap, Knights of the Old Republic news, Hulu cancelations, and a bunch more.

PodQuest 283 – Arcades, God of War, and Crisis Finale

This week on PodQuest Chris and Walnut sit down and talk about another video game delay, possible Sony first party Exclusive going to PC, God of War, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Pokemon, National Treasure, and so many other fun things. Then we wrap it all up with a dive into the final two hours of the Arrowverse crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths as well as a little bit on this weeks Batwoman and Supergirl.

PodQuest 282 – Game Delays, Pokemon DLC, and Smash Characters

It’s a news focused shorter episode of PodQuest this week as Chris and Droo run down the recent video game delays, the announced Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC, E3 2020, and the new Smash Bros Ultimate character reveal. Just as a note too, we tried a new way to record remotely, it worked great, but the microphones were not great on both sides, so sorry if it’s a little less polished then usual!

PodQuest 281 – The Witcher, Controllers, and Resident Evil 2

It’s PodQuest time everyone! This week we discuss The Witcher, Star Wars Clone Wars, new consoles, preferred controllers, Resident Evil 2, Joker, fixing stuff, and Speed Running. This is a very short post this week, but a meaty episode so enjoy!

PodQuest 280 – Best of 2019, Most Anticipated 2020, and Movies

Happy 2020 everyone! We’re back with a brand new episode of PodQuest where we discuss out favorite things from 2019, our most anticipated things for 2020, and on top of all that we also talk about movies like Knives Out, Jumanji: The Next Level, and John Wick 3. We also discuss some games like more Resident Evil, Plague Tale: Innocence, and the table top game Salem 1692.

PodQuest 279 – Resident Evil, Batman, and Rise of Skywalker

Happy Holidays everyone who celebrates one and to everyone else, happy day of the week you see this! This week on PodQuest we sit down and talk about Resident Evil, Tom King’s finale on Batman, and dive deep into our thoughts on Rise of Skywalker. As always, if you aren’t looking for Star Wars spoilers, it’s around an hour in and we specifically call out it’s time for spoilers!

PodQuest 278 – Game Awards, Back Button, and My Hero Academia

This week on PodQuest we talk about some of the awards and reveals at this years Game Awards, Walnut played some new Monster Hunter content, Dualshock 4 is getting an attachment, My Hero Academia is on a roll of great episodes, and that’s just the stuff in the title this week! There’s also talk about The Office, Star Wars, Cadence of Hyrule, and our Switch Year In Review.

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