PodQuest 341 – Valheim, Pokemon Direct, and Sony State of Play

This week on PodQuest we talk about Richie’s experience with Valheim, the recent Pokemon Direct that revealed the Diamond and Pearl remakes plus Pokemon Legends Arceus, and last week’s Sony State of Play. We also talk about the new Tom and Jerry movie, Outriders, Avengers, Superman and Lois, and plenty more!

Next weekly Kaiju is Godzilla vs Destroyah

PodQuest 340 – Anthem Cancelled, PSVR 2, and Project Triangle Strategy

This week on PodQuest we cover the news that EA has ended development on Anthem Next, Sony reveals it’s got PSVR 2 in development, and we all tried the demo for recently announced Project Triangle Strategy. We also discuss DCEU casting, the official name of Spider-Man 3, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 upgrades, Spawn Universe, Richie finished Resident Evil 7, Droo platinumed Control, and Chris checked out the Console Wars film, and plenty more!

PodQuest 339 – Nintendo Direct, Bowser’s Fury, and Rian Johnson’s Star Wars

This week on PodQuest we talk about the first Nintendo Direct in 530 days (Since September 2019!), plus Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, and Rian Johnson’s Star Wars trilogy. We also talk a bit more about Maneater, Six Days in Fallujah, Anthem, CD Projekt Red, The Boys, Pedro Pascal in The Last of Us and plenty more!

PodQuest 338 – E3’s Digital Future, Manhunter, and Bethesda Questions

This week on PodQuest we talk about E3’s proposed digital event this year, Richie started playing Manhunter on PS5, and we raise some questions regarding Bethesda’s name once it’s part of Microsoft. We also have WandaVision spoilers (see the note below for times), Star Wars documentaries, and Control Ultimate Edition up for discussion.

PodQuest 337 – Stadia Closes Studios, Spider-Man Miles Morales, and Age of Calamity

This week on PodQuest we talk a bit about Playstation 5 and Nintendo Switch sales and hardware. We also discuss Google closing it’s internal development studios tied to Stadia, Chris beat Spider-Man Miles Morales, Richie finished Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity, and Droo started playing the original Rogue. There’s also Snyder Cut news, Gamestop stock story heading to Hollywood in multiple forms, and a lot more!

PodQuest 336 – Vicarious Visions with Blizzard, Resident Evil Village, and Gamestop Stocks

This week on PodQuest we talk about Vicarious Visions being folded in Blizzard, the reveals and demo for Resident Evil Village, and the craziness that’s going on with Gamestop’s stocks this week. We also talk more about Hades, Kong vs Godzilla, Marvel’s upcoming Heroes Reborn, and WWE Network moving into Peacock.

Next Weekly Kaiju – Godzilla vs. Biollante

PodQuest 335 – Hades, Sony Santa Monica Unannounced Game Rumors, and WandaVision Premiere

This week on PodQuest Drootin and Richie discuss their differing opinions on Hades, Sony Santa Monica seems to be working on an unannounced title, and we discuss the first two episodes of WandaVision. We also go on a wild ride about food preferences, give our opinions on the Batwoman Season 2 premiere, talk about Pokemon Red, and wrap things up with the Terror of Mechagodzilla.

PodQuest Interview – Jason Lenox on Lords of the Cosmos

On this exciting supplemental episode of PodQuest we have Jason Lenox on to talk about his upcoming Kickstarter campaign for his creator owned comic Lords of the Cosmos issue 4. We also talk about convention, the impact of nostalgia on our enjoyment of media, movies, and dig into how Lords of the Cosmos was created and continues.

PodQuest 334 – Bethesda’s Indiana Jones Game, Ubisoft’s Star Wars Game, and Death to 2020

On this week’s episode of PodQuest we talk about the Netflix mockumentary Death to 2020, discuss what the announcement that Bethesda’s Machine Games is making an Indiana Jones game, and Ubisoft’s Massive Games is making a Star Wars game. Both under the banner of the recently announced Lucasfilm Games. We also talk about Supernatural, The Final Girls, Crash Bandicoot, the Monster Hunter Rise demo, and plenty more!

PodQuest 333 – DC’s Kinda Reboot, Hades, and Cobra Kai

Yesterday (January 6, 2021) was a rough day in the US and likely around the world. It was a long and scary day for a lot of us as what can only be called an act of domestic terrorism was perpetrated on Capital Hill while both houses of Congress debated and voted on the presidential election and its objections. We’re not a political podcast or site, but we do talk about this in the beginning of the show and again near the end. It was a tragic event that saw the loss of at least one life, and puts a depressing dark mark on the history of this country.

We did still sit down and talk about all the nerdy goodness we always do on PodQuest. That includes DC Comics having a type of reboot coming from the finale of Dark Nights Death Metal, and being expanded on with the two months of Future State. We also get Richie’s opinion on Hades, Chris started playing Murder by Numbers, and we wrap this week up with discussion about Cobra Kai Season 3. We do get into spoilers, but we have a warning before that happens.

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