PodQuest 160 – Octopath, TGS, and Tomb Raider

This week on PodQuest we talk about Project Octopath Traveller, a cool game with a truly awful name; Sony’s Presentation at Tokyo Game Show, including some VR Games; the new Tomb Raider trailer, starring Alicia Vikander; and of course some Destiny 2 along with plenty more!

PodQuest 159 – Nintendo Direct, PewDiePie, and Destiny 2

We’re back this week with some actual news to talk about, including some of the things shown on the Nintendo Direct, the J.J. Abrams Star Wars announcement, the PewDiePie controversy, and the problems with Destiny 2 shaders. All that is before we jump into some Destiny 2 impressions, IT (1990) talk, and Fear the Walking Dead.

PodQuest 158 – Destiny 2, Life is Strange, and Death Note

This week on PodQuest Walnut returns having played some games and watched some things. More importantly though we discuss the news that Mario isn’t a plumber anymore, that Chris doesn’t hate Destiny 2’s first few hours, and just how good Life is Strange: Before the Store is. Oh and also how bad the Netflix Death Note movie is, boy was that bad.

PodQuest Presents – Pat Shand Returns

On this episode of PodQuest Presents, writer Pat Shand returns to talk about his new Kickstarter for Destiny,NY Vol. 2. We get into what makes a Kickstarter good and successful, how the creator being passionate really helps to sell a comic, the other books Pat has been working on including Adventure Time for Boom and the Marvel novels for Joe Books. All that before getting into a discussion about Destiny, NY Vol 1 and what to expect in Vol 2.

Find the Kickstarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/248241887/destiny-ny-volume-two/

PodQuest 157 – Switch Indies, VR, and Uncharted

This week on PodQuest Chris and Drootin sit down and talk about some of the Indie titles coming to the Switch, What’s happening to VR, and thoughts on the newest Uncharted game The Lost Legacy. Plus we get a little extra nerdy and talk fantasy sports.

PodQuest 156 – SNES Classic, Sonic Mania, and The Defenders

After a week away we’re back with a brand new PodQuest, and this week we have plenty to talk about like the debacle that is the SNES Classic preorders, the nostalgic fun of Sonic Mania, and all our spoiler filled thoughts on Marvel’s The Defenders and Game of Thrones season 7 episode Beyond the Wall. Don’t worry though, we save that for the end with plenty of warning!

PodQuest 155 – Streaming Service, Cheetos, and Comics

Josh Brolin is kinda looking like Cable, there’s a Cheetos restaurant in New York, Streaming Services are getting out of control, and Chris really likes comics. All this and a lot more on this week’s PodQuest

PodQuest 154 – SNES, Marvel Heroes, Game of Thrones

This week on PodQuest, Chris and Walnut talk about the chance of preordering the SNES Classic as well as the bad reviews of the Sega classic console, Walnuts plays a lot of D&D and Chris is hooked on Marvel Heroes Omega. All that plus Game of Thrones, Mario Odyssey rating, Sony buying Funimation and Wonder Woman being pushed for Best Picture by WB.

PodQuest 153 – Splatoon, Comic Con, Pokemon

On this week’s episode of PodQuest we give our impressions on all the trailers from this years San Diego Comic Con, talk a bit more about the Destiny 2 Beta, argue over who’s fault Pokemon GO Fest was, and get into Splatoon 2 talk along with plenty more.

PodQuest 152 – New Doctor, Kingdom Hearts and Destiny 2

This week on PodQuest we dive into our thoughts and hopes for the new female Doctor taking over for Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker. We also talk about when we think Kingdom Hearts 3 will actually release and get into some impression of Destiny 2 Beta. Also on the board are Walnuts thoughts on both Spider-Man Homecoming and Wonder Woman.

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