PodQuest 247 – Hickman on X-Men, Super Mario Maker 2, and State of Play

This week on PodQuest, as Disney continues to reign supreme we discuss news on who’s helming the next Star Wars trilogy, what Jonathan Hickman is doing with X-Men, and Hulu’s ownership before transitioning into some fun Super Mario Maker 2 discussions after last nights Direct and of course Sony’s State of Play where they showed more MediEvil remake, a new Predator game, the reveal of the Monster Hunter World expansion, and a brand new look at the Final Fantasy VII remake. On top of all that we also have some other comics to discuss, some classic games, and a little DnD.

PodQuest 246 – Sonic Shakeups, Disney Changes, and Unicorn Store

This week on PodQuest we discuss the Microsoft online trash talking guidelines, the changes coming to the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, Disney’s updated movie release schedule, and Walnut watched Unicorn Store. Aside from that there was also some more Persona 5 Royal news, Droo accidentally beat Path of Exile, and Chris tried to play Mortal Kombat X.

PodQuest 245 – Ultraman, Persona 5 Scramble, and Avengers Endgame

*This episode contains ALL of the SPOILERS for Avengers Endgame. We verbally call it out, but they start at the 1 hour, 5 minute, and 13 second mark (01:05:13).*

This week on PodQuest we talk about John Cena’s new casting, Walnut has some thoughts on Ultraman and Mario vs Rabbids, and we now know what Persona 5 S is. Once that’s out of the way we jump into a lengthy discussion on Avengers Endgame that you aren’t going to want to miss. But like the warning says, there are spoilers!

PodQuest 244 – Anthem Delays, Persona 5 R, and 90s DRM

This week on PodQuest we sit down to chat about delays in Anthem’s content roadmap, the reveal of what Persona 5 The Royal is, and some cool ways games dealt with piracy in the 90s. Beyond that we chat about Path of Exile, Mario v Rabbids, Cobra Kai, The Office, The Princess Bride, and plenty more!

PodQuest 243 – Star Wars Reveals, PS5 Details, and Streaming Services

We’re back this week with our regularly scheduled PodQuest after a week of adventures. We kick things off with Chris talking about how cool Japan is, and Saturday April 20, 2019 is the 5 year anniversary of PodQuest! After that we jump into some console news like a new Switch model, a new Xbox One model (SAD), and our first confirmed details about a Playstation 5. We’ve also got a bunch of Star Wars new coming out of Star Wars Celebration, and some recaps on games, shows, and movies we’ve been partaking in.

PodQuest 242 – Dungeon and Dragons Extravaganza Pt 2

Welcome back to the second half of our DnD one-shot! If you haven’t listened to Episode 241 yet go listen to that first! This time we’re finishing up the campaign that Walnut setup for us and taking out the baddie!

PodQuest 241 – Dungeon and Dragons Extravaganza Pt 1

This week while Chris is away exploring foreign countries we’ve got a special pair of episodes where we sit down and play Dungeon and Dragons. It’s a special one shot campaign that Walnut setup and DM’d, and it’s Chris’ first time playing ever. We’ve got a guest as Eric returns to be a player character for the first time in his DnD career.

PodQuest 240 – Borderlands, Best Buy Leaks, and Elder Scrolls

This week on PodQuest we chat about the reveal of Borderlands 3, Best Buy is leaking all kinds of gaming info like another Persona game titled Persona 5 S, Walnut played some Elder Scrolls Online, and Avengers Endgame tickets broke records and websites. Plus Chris needed some recommendations for shows to download for his trip, Droo and Walnut played a little DnD, and of course plenty more.

PodQuest 239 – State of Play, Esports, and Switches

This week on PodQuest we chat about Sony’s first State of Play stream, Comcast is building a new Esports arena in our backyard (Philly), the Nintendo Switch may be getting some new hardware variants, Chris finally finished the Spider-Man DLC, Droo and Walnut played a lot of Apex Legends, and plenty more!

PodQuest 238 – Google Stadia, Nindies, and Disney Merger

On this week’s all-new PodQuest we talk about Google Stadia, their new cloud based gaming platform; Nintendo had its Spring Nindies showcase; and Disney and Fox merger is officially complete. Plus more like Chris checked out The Order on Netflix, and No Man’s Sky is still pumping out content.

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