A written post on this website?! What is it 2015?!

Hey there, Drootin here. I’m sorry that I’ve been missing being on PodQuest a lot over the last year and I kinda wanted to share why.

PodQuest 119 – Playstation VR, Pokemon, and Shooters

The whole gang is here to talk about Playstation VR, Pokemon, and the elusive world of first person shooters. Also up for discussion is the recently revealed Red Dead Redemption sequel, Final Fantasy XI, and like 5 minutes about comics.

PodQuest 115 – Playstation Pro, Game Delays, History

This week Chris and Drootin jump on Skype to talk about the Playstation 4 Pro, Final Fantasy, alternate history like Man in the High Castle, and plenty more.

One-Quest at TooManyGames!

Some of the One-Quest crew are hoping to check out TooManyGames next weekend (June 24th-26th). Listen for our impressions of the show on the following #PodQuest!

Review – Verdun

How does World War I stack up as a setting in the multi-player First Person Shooter realm? Find out what we think as we review Verdun for PC!

‘Rasslin Report #15 – Extreme Rules Preview!

The ‘Rasslin Report is back to give you Drootin & Sara’s predictions for WWE’s Extreme Rules PPV!

‘Rasslin Report #14 – WrestleMania Recap!!!

So last Sunday was WrestleMania!!! It didn’t suck! Or did it? Drootin, Shaun, and Sara are here to talk about WrestleMania and all of the post WrestleMania RAW news!

‘Rasslin Report #13 – WrestleMania 31 Preview!

The ‘Rasslin Report is back just in time to talk about all things WRESTLEMANIA!!!!!!!

‘Rasslin Report – WWE Fastlane Predictions!

Due to data constraints Shaun and I weren’t able to record a podcast this week, but with WWE Fastlane tonight I figured I’d post our predictions for the show at least! So here they are!

‘Rasslin Report #12 – 3 In A Row

It’s true, it’s true, it’s damn true! Shaun and I are back with another ‘Rasslin Report

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