PodQuest 152 – New Doctor, Kingdom Hearts and Destiny 2

This week on PodQuest we dive into our thoughts and hopes for the new female Doctor taking over for Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker. We also talk about when we think Kingdom Hearts 3 will actually release and get into some impression of Destiny 2 Beta. Also on the board are Walnuts thoughts on both Spider-Man Homecoming and Wonder Woman.

PodQuest 151 – Necromancers, Personas, and Disney

This week Chris and Droo sit down and talk about the live action casting rumors for upcoming Disney movies, possible Suicide Squad 2 directors, the benefits of Diablo III’s new Necromancer, the intricacies of Persona 5, and more.

PodQuest 150 – Marvel Legacy, Death Note, First YouTube Video

It’s episode 150 of PodQuest and we’re doing something special!

PodQuest 149 – SNES Classic, XBOX, Too Many Games

This week we get into our thoughts on the SNES Classic, the 4k patching on the Xbox One X, Chris’ experience at Too Many Games, and Walnuts plans for is D&D campaign, plus plenty more. Chris is also just completely out of it and keeps forgetting things.

PodQuest 148 – Diablo, Final Fantasy, and Firefly

This week on PodQuest we get into a debate over Diablo III vs Final Fantasy XIV, talk about some Nintendo Switch news, and Walnut rambles on about his weekend at the Firefly Music Festival. We also go over things like the unaired episode of Powerless featuring Adam West, the new Pokemon GO update, and Droo finally starts playing DOOM (2016).

PodQuest 147 – E3 2017

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is upon us once again, and as usual we spend a good deal of time chatting about the major press conferences of this year. That includes Microsoft and the Xbox One X, Bethesda and Wolfenstein, Sony and Spider-Man, and plenty more.

PodQuest 146 – Nintendo News, E3 Predictions, Wonder Woman

After enjoying the swapped format last week, we’ve decided to keep it that way. So we open this week with some news including all the latest on Nintendo, from the new Nintendo Direct to their recently revealed plans for online service and voice chat. We also give some predictions on what we expect to see at E3 2017, and chat a little about Wonder Woman and Doctor Who.

PodQuest 145 – Destiny, Disney, and Arrowverse Finales

This week on PodQuest Chris and Richie talk about Disney World, Destiny 2, Wonder Woman’s reviews, Dungeons and Dragons, the Arrowverse and more! Lots of spoilers if you haven’t watched the season finales of Supergirl, Flash, and Arrow. We do them in that order at the end of the episode and make a warning before so you’ve been warned!

PodQuest 144 – TV Recaps and Comic Books

We hoped on Skype this week to talk about the shows we’ve been watching and how much Chris is enjoying Walking Dead and Secret Empire comics. Aside from that, we’ve got a story about Walnut making poor decisions about food and plenty of news.

PodQuest 143 – Guardians of the Galaxy and Mario Kart

This week we talk a little spoiler free about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 along with some Mario Kart, Persona 4, and news.

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